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Wybrano lokalizację dla basenowych MŚ 2015

Members of the AIDA Assembly, I am pleased to give you the results of the most recent Assembly vote, on the locations of the 2015 AIDA Pool and Depth World Championships, and new members.

I would first like to thank the organizers and Nationals that presented proposals for the 2015 AIDA Individual World Championships: the quality of the bids was excellent. This speaks to the experience of the organizers and Nationals in preparing for and holding major freediving competitions, and to a robust interest in the sport of freediving.
The organizers and Nationals presenting proposals for the Pool World Championships are: the Australian Freediving Association (Brisbane), Freediving Club Greece (Kalamata and Loutraki), and Apnea Association Serbia (Belgrade). The organizers and Nationals presenting proposals for the Depth World Championships are: Free2Dive Freediving School (Cyprus), Freediving Club Greece (Kalamata), and Esteban Darhanpe/Caribbean Cup (Roatan).

I would also like to thank the Assembly for the level of participation: 28 Nationals cast votes in this election. (Note: not all voted on every item).

2015 AIDA Pool World Championships

For Pool, the Assembly chose Apnea Association Serbia to host the 2015 AIDA Pool World Championships, to be held in Belgrade, Serbia (in late June/early July). The Assembly cast 12 votes for Belgrade, seven votes for Brisbane, four votes for Kalamata, and 4 votes for Loutraki. The AIDA Board will work closely with Apnea Association Serbia to ensure safe and successful AIDA Pool World Championship.

2015 AIDA Depth World Championships

For Depth, there was a tie vote between the proposals for Cyprus and Greece. The Assembly cast 11 votes for Limassol, Cyprus, 11 votes for Kalamata, Greece, and five votes for Roatan, Honduras. Accordingly, there will be a runoff vote between the Cyprus and Greece proposals, to be held in early November (along with the special Assembly vote already scheduled for that time).

Best regards,

Robert King

Vice President, AIDA International

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