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    Hi guys, today we would like to introduce you to an unique product in the diving world, «Lobster Weight System » an amazing neck weight, designed specially for YOU, freedivers, in a way to make your aquatic life much more comfortable.

    The weight system is located closer to the point around which the buoyancy forces are balanced that makes your swimming more effective, which allows you to maintain the horizontal position with less effort and air consumption , thus, leaving you with more air in your lungs and allowing you to overcome larger distances.

    Lobster is designed for non-overloading the freediver’s neck. Due to the special shape and material, a flexible system of extra weights follows the movement of the dorsal vertebrae, without restricting the swimmer’s movement. Тhere are special silicon inserts that make the collar fit your neck comfortably, removing the load from the collarbone. Lobster allows you not to worry about the possible water resistance.

    Hydrodynamic properties of the sinker, due to it’s shape and material, negate the disturbance of water flow, allowing you to concentrate on diving.

    Our Lobster Weight System Medium consists of base 2,5 kg and additional 5 segments (500, 400, 300, 200, 100 g), you will be able to adapt the weight of the collar to your needs. Currently the weight of the load might change from 100 g to 500 g. Total weight of Lobster is 4 kg. We value and appreciate your compliments, suggestions or complaints, thanks to them we designed 2 more versions of Lobster

    A smaller version of the initial Lobster Weight, which totals at 3kg, and is perfect for the low volume lungs, and beginning your freediving career.

    And a enlarged version, Lobster Big, which totals at 6.5kg, and was made specially for professional athletes and champions of the freediving.

    Now I’d like to recommend you a video about lobster so you will also be able to see how Lobster works, and leave your comments about lobster so we could always improve our self for you and for the freediving world. Also visit our official website and group on facebook so we’de be in touch! Links: official website –

    Group on Facebook –

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