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TUESDAY 19.5.2009

Day 9 – An Astonishing 119.8 meters (…And yes, mask still on!)

What can we say here, this is simply one outstanding performance and from a man whom opted to stay out of the spotlight for the past year focusing solely on his freediving educational system: Freediving Instructors International – Martin, we salute you!! The total dive time was 3:22, he still has his mask on and there are no reports of nitrogen narcosis.

“Okay, so the dives are starting to get difficult.” smiled Martin, after completing a strong surfacing protocol in less than 10 seconds. Well, with only an arm reach (literally) from a new world record one would not presume otherwise!

With a successful training behind us the deep safety scuba team ascended slowly utilizing the opportunity to train with the freedive safety team, completing mock rescue scenarios. Safety is without a doubt this team’s central focus with 48 hours till the official record attempts begin. Stay tuned… things are certainly heating up here in Sharm El Sheikh!

Są również nowe video, mówi że zrobił te 119 m na luzie 🙂 Chyba Herbert długo sie swoim nowym rekordem nie nacieszy…
Rozwalił też jakiś zegarek przez za duże ciśnienie 😉