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Czytałem o tym kiedyś na apneamanii:

Freediving in the Olympics,
Can you imagine that year 1900, in Paris, they had a special dynamic event on the Olympic program. They gave the competitors two points for each meter swum and one point for each second that the swimmer was able to stay under water. Now we call this „the Olympic Discipline”
(you are not allowed stay still in this event, you have to move all the time)
Result from the Olympic, 1900 in Paris,

1. Charles de Vendeville, FRA, 60m in 1’08”.4, 188.4 points
2. Andr? Six, FRA, 60m in 1’05”.4. 185.4 points
3. Peder Lykkeberg, DEN, 28.5m in 1’30”.0, 147 points

Peder Lykkeberg of Denmark would have won the event, having stayed underwater longer than anyone else, but lost „because he swam in a circle.” ….this dane’s !