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Media podają różne rzeczy. Na fecebooku na profilu Natalii kilka godzin temu pojawiło się takie oświadczenie (przytaczam dla tych co nie lubią FB):

August 6th, 15:00 Moscow time

Different versions are appearing online, we are all looking forward to understand what happened. Thus here’s

what we can say from our Moscow based prospective:

1. August 2, approximately between 3 and 4 pm local time, Natalia Molchanova was lost at sea near the Formentera island.

2. She was freediving.

3. Near her in the water where several freedivers, and a dive-boat was near the group for safety and transportation.

4. This was recreational freediving for fun and leisure, not competition, neither training or teaching.

More precisely a witness told us the following:

1. After one of the dives, instead of surfacing near the group, Natalia was briefly spotted surfacing, at estimated 60 m from group.

2. After a short laps of time afloat, she disappeared under the surface

3. Meanwhile the boat was moving in her direction, but before it reached her, she was not visible anywhere.

The local Search and Rescue service added:

1. The depths at the dive spot are from 35 to 65 m.

2. Strong underwater currents can occur on the spot.

Further details about the tragedy, appearing in the medias, might not be reliably supported by evidence. Many questions are legit, but for

now we call the freediving community to show some critical thinking and restrain towards interpretations, comments, theories, or judgments of personal actions, appearing in the media. Especially since the causes of the accident are for the moment unknown, and even may stay mysterious forever. Let us try to find the right balance between curiosity, search of information and respect of Natalia’s memory. We keep the contact with the Spanish investigators, they are our source of information for now.