Apneaman Static Challenge – Praga

Event details

  • sobota | 12 listopada 2016
  • Cały dzień
  • AQUAPALACE PRAHA Pražská 138, business zone Průhonice – Čestlice 251 01 Prague - east

Więcej informacji http://apnea-static-challenge.webnode.cz/en/ 

Wydarzenie na Facebooku https://www.facebook.com/events/567765196718841/

Rules for Static Challenge

  • Freediver must have submerged entire body and static apnea must be conducted at a depth of 4 meters (assistance rope will be prepared)
  • Warm up is permitted only on land
  • Any equipment is not allowed (only swimwear)
  • Start will be two by two
  • Between the starts will be 12 minutes
  • The athletes starting time will be selected randomly
  • Best six athletes progressing to the finals
  • In the finals will be start two by two again
  • After resurfacing competitor must make the protocol within 15 seconds, visibly indicate signal OK and clearly say 'I am ok „to referee. Protocol starts with resurfacing airways.